3013 was recently gifted to the society by David Burke, and will soon arrive in Canberra. It is currently in many pieces and located in the Cowra roundhouse, where it has been under the care of the Lachlan Valley Railway. The loco will be surveyed when it arrives to determine its condition and set a direction for its reassembly and restoration. The photos below give some idea of the task ahead.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The first bits arrive in Canberra

Last week, with the help of Gavin Wolfe and Shaun Barker, some of the important parts of 3013 were moved to Canberra from their previous home in Cowra. There are many more bits to be collected, but we have the side tanks, the bunker, the cab, and a number of mechanical components including most of wheels. More trips are planned to collect the other parts in the near future.